Enable SSH File Sharing in Mac OS X

Sometimes, we need to communicate or transfer data among our laptops/PCs. Instead of using storage media such as removable disk, the use of network connection is better and faster. This article will briefly explain, how to share your file in Mac OS to other PCs like Ubuntu Linux and Windows. Let’s start.
The Apple Mac OS X has SSH by default has installed. Nevertheless, the SSH daemon is not enabled by default. It means you can not login remotely or do remote copies from another PC until you enable the SSH.
So, to enable SSH, just go to System Preferences in your Mac. Under Internet & Networking there is a Sharing icon. Please, click that icon. In the list appears on screen you can check the Remote Login and File Sharing option.
Sharing Menu on Mac OS X
This steps begins the SSH daemon immediately. Now, you can remotely login using your username and password. The Sharing screen at the bottom shows the name and IP address to use. You can also find this out using whoami and ifconfig from the Mac Unix Terminal.

Now, you can access your Mac from another PC. Just, install the required program in another PC such as openssh. In ubuntu, you can use the following commant (in terminal) to install openssh.

sudo apt-get install openssh

That enables ubuntu to access your Mac from terminal or nautilus file management.


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