CIRC: The Best IRC Client

Yesterday, I got another IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client beside my current IRC client: irssi, empathy and lernid. Actually, CIRC (Chrome IRC) is a IRC app for Chrome, Chromium and ChromeOS that lets you connect to and chat with people on IRC, but it works out of the box for Ubuntu OS, and perhaps for Mac OS and Windows OS.

My CIRC interface
The most interesting of CIRC is that it is not only an extension or a web-app; but CIRC is a ‘Chrome Packaged App’.

What is Chrome/Chromium Packaged Apps? It was designed to do things web-based apps can’t, including accessing parts of your PC, such as your devices, media tools, network and hardware.

Because of this additional support packaged apps are able to look and work like traditional native system apps – despite being written in the same technologies as web apps.

Features include:

  • Servers, Channels & Nicks saved and synced across Chrome instances (No need to set-up again)
  • Direct connection IRC servers
  • Desktop notifications
  • For Chromebook users in particular CIRC is a must have as it’s the only non-web-based solution available. It integrates deeply into the ChromeOS desktop, with its notifications looking particularly swish in the ChromeOS Dev channel:
  • Allows for simultaneous IRC connections on multiple devices (like Google talk)
  • Scipt Support & Syncing

Ready to use CIRC? Just open your Chrome/Chromium webstore and install it directly from there. As you already installed CIRC, here ara few commands frequently used in IRC.

  • /server – Connect to a server
  • /join #channelname – Join a channel
  • /nick – Changes nickname
  • /part – Leaves channel entered in
  • /partall – Leaves all channels
  • /quit – Quits all servers and channels

For example to connect to with nickname bagustris and join in channel ubuntu, we can use the following command,

/nick bagustris
/join #ubuntu



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