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I was born in Pasuruan, a small city in the province of East Java, Indonesia. Before one year old, my family had moved to the western part of east Java, Magetan city, where I spent my elementary and junior high school there.

When my dad ask me to write of “A” letter in full page of my book, I just write one big letter of “A” to full the page. Since that time, I keep writing (and counting) to be better and better. I also enjoy reading books: Famous five, Conan Doyle’s book (Sherlock Holmes), Trio Detective, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, The rainbow troops, Islamic novels and many more.

Also, one of my best experience in my childhood is stay in mosque, sleeping in the mosque, eating in the mosque, bathing in the mosque’s bathroom, just like mosque is my palace… 😀

In junior high school, I ever made my teacher angry to me. The cause is my writing on my exam paper, a threat to give me exam score not under 8 of grade. Finally, I got six in my report. It’s a dew point for me.

Moving to senior high school, I had moved to Jombang city, still in east Java, Indonesia. I studied natural science and Islam in Islamic boarding school called SMA Darul Ulum 2 – BPPT, stayed in Pondok Tinggi for two years and then move to Ardales in the third year, still in Darul Ulum. Three years I spent there, then I got offer to continue my study in ITS, Institute Technology Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya city, the city where my mom was born.

Finishing bachelor degree in ITS, I continued it to master degree at the same laboratory, the same university. In the end of my master degree I got scholarship to do my master research in Kumamoto University, Japan for one year but I did it six months. Finishing my master research in Kumadai, I got job in Metal parts company in Kameyama-shi, a city in Mie prefecture. It is near Suzuka, home of Honda and about 40 minutes from Nagoya (Aichi-ken, home of Toyota) by train. I lived there for two years and three months.

Beside Pasuruan, Magetan, Jombang, and Surabaya, I ever lived in Gresik for two-month job training and in Kediri for 4 months + 2 months foreign language courses. All those cities are located in province of East Java (Jawa Timur), therefor I really feel as an East Java person.

Currently I am with VibrasticLab, ITS Surabaya.

In my spare time, I write for fun, hack my own laptop, and do traveling.

About this blog
I made this blog incidentally while waiting for the airplane in Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport, Palembang Indonesia, in 2007. My friends from Informatics department show me how interest the blog is. You can read my first post written in public internet airport here. As achievement, this blog was awarded as favorite #1 on Muslim blog contest for the article “anti korupsi: belajar kejujuran dari pengemudi taksi (Indonesian language)“.

Why black/dark?
As you come to this site, the dominant color is black and dark color. Why I used black and dark color?  Because black will save energy on your PC (and of course my PC too). Let’s save energy, let’s use black. Save energy, and safe for our eyes.

Learn. Share. Inspire. Contribute.
I learn a lot from this life including in the net. By this blog, I share what I have learned. Last, but not the least, I hope this blog is my contribution to inspire others. However small it is, it should contribute to others. Therefore by writing in this blog I want to inspire and contribute to my community.

I named this blog bagustris@/home with tagline “move dynamically”. Why? Because “/home” is my default location in Unix/Linux-based OS and I moved dynamically there and in other places. The “/” is root and “/home” is my home directory. You can check it by command in terminal “pwd”. So, I named it bagustris @ “/home”. Previously I named this blog “QuranicScience” because most posts are about Islam and Science. Currently I post about all field related to my life. It is dynamic depend on my mood, my job and my interest. The main topics is including but not limited to QuranicScience, blogging/writing, Information Technology, Traveling, Learn/Share and Inspiration/Contribution.


Blogging Style
I named my blogging style 3p+1i: three points + one image. I explained it here. Simply speaking my post will be arranged in three part: introduction, main content and conclusion along with one supporting image minimally. It is simple writing. However, sometimes it is hard to make details in short, elsewhere some text don’t need supporting image.

Mission and vision
My current mission in this life is to understand how-to human auditory processing work to separate and locate sound sources and transfer it into computational method. This represents what is called the cocktail party problem. You can check my progress in my publication page.

The struggle is not over yet,
Never sing the victory till the end of the battle!
All roads lead to Rome.

+Bagus Tris Atmaja
Contact Email :

*) For more complete CV, you can download here.


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  1. Alhamdulillah, kerja di Jepang2 benar2 menguras waktu, tenga dan pikiran. Tapi saya senang, karena saya digaji untuk itu (kerja), bukan seperti di negara lain yang waktu kerjanya seenaknya dimanfaatkan untuk hal2 yang tidak berhubungan dengan pekerjaan..
    InsyaAllah, ditunggu saja.. 😀


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